I Worked 10 Months with a Global Top Influencer, And He Taught Me 11 Lessons How to Become a High-Paid Authority

Steal and apply his playbook to transform your brand and business

Isabelle Flückiger
8 min readApr 20, 2021


Photo by Thibault Trillet from Pexels

Matteo Carbone is a top three global insurtech influencer. He walks in and out at all the big global insurance companies and all the hyped insurtechs. When he gives a presentation at one of the global insurers, usually, more than 1’000 employees register for his speech. The world is his home, connected with 200 business class flights a year.

He is a celebrity in the insurance world. His voice influences, and his opinion has weight.

One year ago, I moved to a global think tank. My job is to lead strategic research and create trendsetting content in the new technologies and data field. For my last project, I collaborated with Matteo.

Ten months of collaboration is a long time with many ups and downs and several frictions, and one gets known many intimacies.

During these times, I learned what makes or breaks a global influencer.

Here are the 11 learnings that every content creator and business owner should steal and apply. If you do not fear success, follow his playbook.

1. Content matters

Content is king! People are following people because of the high quality and insightfulness of content they are sharing.

Matteo has 175k+ followers on LinkedIn, and this with an industry focus insurance that is considered boring by the mass. He founded and successfully runs a think tank where all the largest insurers and reinsurers are paying members. He is successful because of the content he creates. When he publishes content, it becomes the new standard in the insurance world.

If you want to be successful, you need to master your content. It does not matter in what niche you are. What matters is the content about the niche. There are no short-cuts on that path. You need to produce and share awesome content daily. Period.

2. Authenticity — stay to your personality



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