A guide to read faster, memorize more, and improve your knowledge effectiveness by fooling your brain

The amount of time people are reading books has doubled in the UK since the lockdown. E-books sales in the US increased by about 40%, and e-book loans leaped 53% since the start of the pandemic.

The search for “reading list 2020” gives already 26'700 results, compared to only 18'000…

Prayers do not help. Start these 10 actions without delay to save your savings.

The prices have doubled since the day before yesterday.

Gerda counts and counts again the paper money she has with her. It is a cold and rainy day in October. Would it be enough to get some milk and bread? Her last money spent, she went home and sat down…

The cold war race to the middle of the Earth on the Kola Peninsula in the Soviet Union

69°23'46"N 30°36'32"E.

TThe coordinates direct to an abandoned complex left to decay, in the middle of nowhere on the Russian Kola peninsula close to the border of Norway. No road leads today to this site. …

The New Consumer Relationship That Changes the Business World, Private Life, and Society

Hand on heart, except for mobile phones and entertainment, we are not much a technological society at home.

Companies still struggle to find sustainable business cases for the Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The growth rate of adoption lacks behind predictions.

However, there are already new trends and technologies on…

Industry Use Cases

The Industry That Offers the Most Thrilling Jobs to Data Scientists

The global healthcare expenditures are 10.3% of the global gross domestic product or nearly $9 trillion globally, and the annual growth rate is expected to be 3.9% over the next years.

These are impressive numbers, and not surprisingly, digitalization and new technologies are changing the healthcare business completely.

People have…

How to enter the data science field without programming experience

Many people yearn to move into the data science field. For most non-technical people, coding is one of the biggest obstacles, and many give up before they ever have started.

This image is driven by all the over-proportional published blogs about Python and selling the dream of working for a…

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