A guide to read faster, memorize more, and improve your knowledge effectiveness by fooling your brain

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It’s totally ok to read less

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How to enter the data science field without programming experience

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Design your own home festival with these 20 supreme live albums

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How you can benefit in the low risk and high stable return business while you sleep

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Buy land, they’re not making it anymore. — Mark Twain

Career Advice

How to leverage Meetup meetings strategically to get your dream data science job

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  • You are learning data science with all the recommended free and paid online books and courses.
  • You read all the latest Towards Data Science blogs.
  • You dig into all the recommended research papers.
  • You participate in the Kaggle competitions.
  • You build up a GitHub portfolio of projects.
  • You go through all the posted interview questions.

Beginner’s Guide

How to gain a competitive advantage in the data science job market

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Grab a beer, make yourself comfortable and start your trip

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Mathematical Thinking

The Seven Sevens problem of Berwick explained step-by-step that everybody understands it

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Band Discovery

The hypnotizing galactic sound of the coldest place in the universe

Darkspace @ Hellfest 2012, cinzia bertodatto, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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