A guide to read faster, memorize more, and improve your knowledge effectiveness by fooling your brain

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The amount of time people are reading books has doubled in the UK since the lockdown. E-books sales in the US increased by about 40%, and e-book loans leaped 53% since the start of the pandemic.

The search for “reading list 2020” gives already 26'700 results, compared to only 18'000 for the year 2019, which corresponds to an increase of nearly 50%.

I did not sum up the numbers of recommended books on all the bestseller lists. But I would guess, if every category is considered, these would be several hundred.

Honestly, I feel overwhelmed by this inflation of booklists…

It’s totally ok to read less

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Unmotivated, you put the book away.

The sun is shining into your face, and your thoughts are drifting off. “I don’t want to read now,” comes to your mind.

Tomorrow, you will meet with friends, and the number one topic of the conversation will again be the many read books. Reading at least 40 books a year became a curse, and you feel pressure to read another three chapters today. You start searching on the internet how to read faster. But faster reading does not mean necessarily more enjoyable.

I feel with you. It could be me.

I always read…

How to enter the data science field without programming experience

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Many people yearn to move into the data science field. For most non-technical people, coding is one of the biggest obstacles, and many give up before they ever have started.

This image is driven by all the over-proportional published blogs about Python and selling the dream of working for a tech company.

Yes, it is true that coding is needed in many data science jobs. Yes, it is true that when you aim to join a data science team that develops new applications that you need to code. …

Design your own home festival with these 20 supreme live albums

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I am sitting on my laptop and writing the annual review of the Sweden Rock Festival. Or better, I would have done it. When it had taken Place. When the pandemic would not have forced to cancel it the second time in a row. When…

My most beloved festival! Since 2004 I attend the festival with “the best audience in the world.” And the line-up had been again awesome.

Most rock festivals across Europe are canceled this year again. …

How you can benefit in the low risk and high stable return business while you sleep

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Buy land, they’re not making it anymore. — Mark Twain

Bill Gates owns an estimated 242,000 acres or 979.3 square kilometers of farmland in the U.S. That is nearly the size of Hongkong.

And he is not the only one who is investing in farmland. Jeff Bezos does that, too.

While others invest in startups, cryptocurrencies, real estate, or space companies, Bill Gates invests in boring soil where the moo of the cattle and the red-colored tomato is the most exciting entertainment out there.

The mass considers it so dull that all are talking about the books that Bill Gates…

Career Advice

How to leverage Meetup meetings strategically to get your dream data science job

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You are an aspiring data scientist, and you diligently follow all the advice given by the more experienced fellows.

  • You are learning data science with all the recommended free and paid online books and courses.
  • You read all the latest Towards Data Science blogs.
  • You dig into all the recommended research papers.
  • You participate in the Kaggle competitions.
  • You build up a GitHub portfolio of projects.
  • You go through all the posted interview questions.

But when you finally apply for jobs, you face many rejections. You write more than 100 applications, and should you once get some feedback on why…

Beginner’s Guide

How to gain a competitive advantage in the data science job market

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Data science is a success. Thousands of students around the globe sign up for online courses or even a data science master program.

The data science field is a very competitive market, especially to get one of the (supposed) dream jobs at one of the big tech companies. The positive news is that you have it in your hand to gain a competitive advantage for such a position by preparing yourself adequately.

On the other hand, there are (too) many MOOCs, master programs, bootcamps, blogs, videos and data science academies. As a beginner, you feel lost. Which course should I…

Grab a beer, make yourself comfortable and start your trip

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I am addicted to rock and metal for 35 years. Many songs came into my life and disappeared. Some left an impression, and most faded away.

Great songs do not necessarily need an iconic riff. They connect and convey impressions and feelings, and they paint a story full of atmosphere.

The best songs are the ones where you forget the time entirely and end before you realize it. No boring part or riff. No impatience for the next chord. The song surprises but is a coherent entirety. Not a few have goosebumps moments.

It is the high art of composition.

Mathematical Thinking

The Seven Sevens problem of Berwick explained step-by-step that everybody understands it

Image by Author

In the following division example, the x marks placeholders for numbers 0, 1, …, 9. The divisor goes into the dividend with no remainder. Seven sevens are given.

Can you determine the missing numbers?

Band Discovery

The hypnotizing galactic sound of the coldest place in the universe

Darkspace @ Hellfest 2012, cinzia bertodatto, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Boomerang Nebula is the coldest natural known place in the universe. It is 5000 light-years away. The absolute zero point in the universe is Darkspace.

While the theme of most black metal bands is the cold and dark Scandinavian winter, Darkspace goes one step further and leaves the Earth ultimately.

Darkspace’s music is a trip with no return, into the depths of the hostile and void universe and to the blackest place where no light escapes. It is the music of a dying sun, the last moment before its sunrays are caught and taken forever.

They created their own…

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