A guide to read faster, memorize more, and improve your knowledge effectiveness by fooling your brain

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The amount of time people are reading books has doubled in the UK since the lockdown. E-books sales in the US increased by about 40%, and e-book loans leaped 53% since the start of the pandemic.

The search for “reading list 2020” gives already 26'700 results, compared to only 18'000 for the year 2019, which corresponds to an increase of nearly 50%.

I did not sum up the numbers of recommended books on all the bestseller lists. But I would guess, if every category is considered, these would be several hundred.

Honestly, I feel overwhelmed by this inflation of booklists…

An introduction to System Dynamics, the most undervalued simulation technique

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You enter the market with your startup, and your product disrupts the world. You have such a big success that you cannot satisfy the tremendous demand. Large corporates start reacting to your market entry by lowering the prices of their products and copying your approach. You get offers from multinationals to either buy your startup or to outsource the production.

And you alone must make the decisions.

You would be happy to know the future in each of the different scenarios. But the world is damn complex!

What should you do?

We live in a complex world and have constant…

An industry as thrilling and successful as the tech industry

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COVID-19 made us focus and hope on the life sciences and biotechnology industry.

Health is our most precious asset, and we avoid no costs to stay healthy. So, the life sciences and biotechnology industry is gigantic and very diverse with many subsectors. The most known fields are drug discovery and manufacturing, therapeutics, diagnostics, therapeutics, genomics and proteomics, veterinary life sciences, but also cosmetics, medical technology, and distribution.

An enormous amount of data is inherent to this industry. …

Steal and apply his playbook to transform your brand and business

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Matteo Carbone is a top three global insurtech influencer. He walks in and out at all the big global insurance companies and all the hyped insurtechs. When he gives a presentation at one of the global insurers, usually, more than 1’000 employees register for his speech. The world is his home, connected with 200 business class flights a year.

He is a celebrity in the insurance world. His voice influences, and his opinion has weight.

One year ago, I moved to a global think tank. My job is to lead strategic research and create trendsetting content in the new technologies…

And many more guidance to make you consulting ready

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Many data scientists dream of working in consulting. And I can confirm that it is an exciting job.

Consulting gives a unique chance to see many different companies, industries, functional areas and work with the client side-by-side. Consultants are hired for doing new analyses such that you can work on projects where fresh ideas are needed. You work in teams and a network of great talents and experts, and you can gain extraordinary knowledge of many fields in no time. You travel to cool places and enjoy the team’s social events. …


Which of the six programs should you choose?

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The fastest way to learn new trendy methods are through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). One of the hype topics is artificial intelligence (AI). And many people would like to work on cutting-edge AI innovation projects.

So, how can you acquire the needed knowledge to move into AI projects?

I am a part-time lecturer in data analytics at a leading technical university, and I regularly assess online courses. Many students and professionals do MOOCs in data science, machine learning, and AI. …

What happened 50 years ago?

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The year 1971 was a turning point in history on many fronts. In the Vietnam war, the morale of the U.S. troops collapsed after the Battle of FSB (Fire Support Base) Mary Ann, in March, and the largest ever anti-war demonstration happened in Washington D.C. in April with about 500 000 participants. Both sealed the outcome of the war four years later.

The end of the Bretton-Woods system — international rules for financial relations, especially defining binding ranges for the currency exchange rates — began when the Federal Republic of Germany stopped the Deutschmark exchange rate fixation to the U.S…

An action plan for you and your career

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2020 was an incredibly unique year.

On the one hand, we have all the lockdowns, are exiled working from home, can still not meet our friends in person, and are close to becoming lonely. On the other side, we could experience the most significant digital acceleration ever.

As a data person, you stand at the forefront affected by this revolution. While you must ensure your deep technical fitness and progress, it is also vital that you are not losing track of the big picture. So, you should know the technology trends and how they impact your work. …

Riemann’s simple algorithm to approximate computationally any real number

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Mathematical rules are commonly applied without any thoughts that it could not hold in a particular situation. But sometimes, mathematics can be surprising for non-mathematicians.

We are all used to the so-called commutative law for addition.

10 tasks you should do during the holiday season

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We are rapidly approaching the new year. But before we have some days for rest during the upcoming Holiday Season.

Honestly, I am always happy when I have some tasks to complete after the second day together with the whole family. And doing some data analysis and coding is always an excellent task to disappear.

So. before you run on with your New Year’s resolution, here are some proposals about how to spend your last days of the year combining fun and data science.

Have fun!

1. Search for some data to plot stem-leaf diagrams in the form of a Christmas tree

Nice data for descriptive plots are always a pleasure. …

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